Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush

Release Date set as AUG 10th!


"I thought they only made games like this on consoles!" - Random Gamer


Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush Gear


The team behind Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush



Matt has over 10 years of experience in Unreal Engine and is the founder of Full Metal Jacket Games, whose Tron-inspired VR game was featured in Unreal Engine’s Spotlight Projects. He is also the organizer of the world’s largest Unreal Engine Meetup with over 800 members in Seattle, and has published 4 games with the Unreal Engine, including Soldier Girl and Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush.



Melanie is a creative fire power and makes a lot of the things in the games. She is a texture artist as well and even makes levels and does a lot of play testing. She runs the Monkey Land 3D tournaments as well!



Ray makes the sound effects, the songs, and helps design entire systems in the game including helping out with HUD and menu ideas all the way to boss fights. Truly a game dev commando!



Tyler our lead 3D artist and specializes in Zbrush and Substance Painter to achieve ultimate graphics! The normal maps he created are the best in the game. He also made a few characters and the sick gargoyles among other things. We are lucky to have him on the team!


iOS App Description
Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush is 100% full of gameplay! There's bananas, treasure coins, Piggys in need of saving, locked treasure chests and thats just in the first 10 seconds! Find new abilities like the BUTT-STOMP! by finding the precious Brontosaurus Feather! Unlock the DOUBLE JUMP! by getting the T-Rex Feather! No action game would be complete with out the DASH ATTACK! Swipe the screen to attack and speed boost through the air with no limit! Of coarse it is the Raptor Feather that gives this amazing ability. And the Dragon Feather will give you the ability to unleash a 3 hit combo with the DRAGON BACKFLIP that can do GATE CRUSHING amounts of damage! Throw in some magic mushrooms that can make you grow huge like a certain mustached plumber dude, make you super tiny (why would you want that!? All I know is it's fun to be SUPER TINY!), speed you up a few miles per hour or even slow you down! And on top of that there are 5 Ninjaku Crystals that give invincibility plus speed boosting powers in every level for only the most thirsty gamers. Weapons like the Morning Star make swords look lame. A SPIKED BALL of DOOM on a chain is so much more fun than a sword! But a Sword with Lightning going through it is pretty fun indeed! Both of these weapons just need to be found and picked up to have for the rest of the game! The Piggys of Volcano Island and the Golden Butterflies are being kept prisoner all over on the island and only you can free them. The Viking Helmet and Viking Shield will be your protection. But you might find your own protection like that spike shelled turtle over there can probably be used as a weapon and defense! The Owl-Crates around the island hold power-ups too so be sure to SMASH all the BOXES! Watch out for Skeleton Wizards of dark magic and the evil Saber-toothed Bats! The creepy spiders will be sure to come after you. The Firefly demons are mostly harmless so it's not all bad. But the spiked shell turtles can be quite fast by the water front so be careful. The Pumpkins are extra bouncy this time of year too. The Squishy Fishy's are not so squishy and shoot deadly poison stars so be extra careful near water! And one last thing, use the Banana button to pause and go to options and use the Heart button to adjust the camera. You can adjust the control placement in the Options menu and be sure to unlock all the levels by BEATING the GAME! And do replay after you beat a certain someone because there might just be a special thing like a reward for beating the game but nobody knows for sure what it is! Boss fighting can be dangerous so make sure you have found at least one weapon before trying to take on the last boss. I mean unless you want to be some crazy hero that don't need no weapons to defeat the game then by all means, be my guest. Take your best shot, that little head is probably the weakest spot. Oh and one more thing, the new abilities you get from the treasure chests, they come in a different order every time you start a new game so you might get an ability you really really want at first, and you might get it last! It's what the kids call procedural random gameplay and it's so hot right now!


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