Famous Women Gamblers Of All Time

Women Gamblers

It is generally believed that online gambling websites are mainly targeted for the male between 20 to 45. However, there are many women gamblers, who are doing rounds of success in the world of online gambling. There is a major misconception that women don’t tend to gamble like men, but this not always true. You may visit SB website to get a better idea of the best games suitable for women. The fact is that many women were also addicted to the online gambling just like the men. You have to go through this review to know the good online gambling website.

In this article, we will see some of the women, who are very popular in the gambling world. Shannon Elizabeth, a famous actress, fashion model, and producer, has chosen poker as her second career. She rose to popularity after playing a role in the cult movie – American Pie. According to the news, she has made an impressive amount of money to the tune of $235,866 by playing poker.

Alice Ivers Duffield Tubbs Huckert, called as Poker Alice is a professional gambler, a brothel owner, and bootlegger. She made huge money by winning poker and spend that money for New York fashion. She also invested money in profitable ventures like selling alcohol and brother business. Known badass woman, she prohibited her brother girls to stay away from the business on Sunday, due to religious reasons. At one time, when a group decided to override her rule, she shot one dead and another one to suffer serious injury. She was acquitted after arrest because she said proved that it was an act of self-defense.

Gladys Knight, a popular American singer, and seven times Grammy Award winner is addicted to baccarat and sports betting for almost last 10 years.

Pamela Anderson, who became worldwide popularity after his role in Baywatch, has made a strong impression with the gambling scene. She lost huge money of $250,000 in a poker night. However, she said she paid off the debt by fulfilling the sexual favor with a person, whom she does not want to reveal.

Lottie Deno a dedicated gambler, who has a good name as didn’t smoke cigars or ran brother business. She has earned a title – Poker Queen and made decent money through poker. Many gambling experts agree that Lottie Deno is a good example of women gambler than Pamela Anderson or Poker Alice.

Various reports and surveys have clearly proved that women gamblers have been increasing. However, many people are not ok with women gambling. Most people see that women gamblers tend to have bad character and involve in a brothel.

The online games have made the gambling easily accessible even the housewives and working women. Online gambling websites are entertaining and do not pose a threat like a typical brick and mortar gambling facility. One should be more thoughtful when choosing the online gambling websites. Make sure that the gambling sites you choose have gained trust and reputation from the seasoned players. You should go through reviews before you deposit your money.